The Ains are an intelligent race who live in the Green Zone. They specialize in blessings and curses.

Appearance and Biology Edit

The Ains are humanoid beings with bodies translucent like lingering smoke. Their physical bodies can't maintain their corporeal shape and consist of a translucent shadow-like form, like enveloping a shadow with smoke. They are incredibly hard to distinguish from each other, only allowing others to barely distinguish between females and males.

They were born with the right to control the spirits and elements. The body of the Ain is a body that can fuse perfectly with the Spirit as if the body itself was made for it. Like finding the other half of their soul. Upon reaching the Spirit Lands and absorbing the energy there, the Ains lose their shadow-like form. They then gain a body covered in an element such as flames or arcs of lightning.

Abilities and Technology Edit

The Ains are an incredibly powerful race who struck fear to the Kingdoms and Empires of the Green Zone. While sealed, their strength is around level 250, the max level for players and adventurers. When unsealed, their strength shoots up to near level 300. Upon reaching the Spirit Lands, each of them is able to radiate an aura higher than level 330. This is due to the Ains ability to absorb energy and due to the power of the Spirits which they controlled in the past when they ruled the world. When an Ain gains the power of a Spirit, they instantly fuse perfectly and can draw out the full power of the Spirits.

Upon killing an Ain, a strange aura comes out of their body and surrounds those who assisted in killing them. The Ain will leave behind a line of curse that will imprint a small symbol on the killer's wrist. This symbol says that the person has received the <Curse of the Ains>. The curse helps the Ains distinguish those who have killed members of the Ains race and those who haven't. Only those who don't have the curse can receive the Ain's Blessing. The Ain's Blessing can protect a person from dangerous environments and give them the right to obtain a spirit.

The vast majority of Ains are capable of flight once they gain the power of a spirit. Only a few are unable to fly. They have their own language as well that much be painstakingly learned.

Mudusella, the leader of the Ains, is capable of seeing prophecies, telepathy, accelerating one's consciousness to "slow down time", and teleportation. She is able to use a fake persona to protect herself from the countless sights of the future. The persona itself is better at fighting compared to the original persona. Mudusella is in control of a spirit that allows for Control, control over the power a spirit had.

Hierarchy Edit

The Ain who has the protection of the <Great Spirit> is called a Prophet/Seer and is given the ability to see the future and the role of leading their race.

Among the Ains are 2 series that have the greatest abilities out of all of them: the MSL series and the TMT series. They number around 100 each.

Known Ains Edit

  • Mudusella - Leader of the Ains. A very beautiful female with golden hair.
  • MSL series
  • TMT series

History and Fall Edit

Nearly a thousand year ago, the Ains and the humans of the Green Zone warred against each other. The Empire and Kingdoms emerged victorious from this war. They used one of their 3 godly treasures, God's Flail, to sacrificed the souls of 66,666 humans in order to power the flail. The flail was then used as a core to power the Great Seal which seals the Ains within the <Great Maze of the Ains>.

Before the Ains were sealed, they left behind a powerful curse. If the minor seal is broken in the 1st floor of the maze, the maze will weaken any and all of the humans who belong to the empires and kingdoms.

Years passed until the Green Zone became a host planet for a virtual reality game called Exodus, a game created by God for humans living in another world. These humans operate avatars which are then transported to the Green Zone to play the game. The inhabitants of the Green Zone call these humans "players" or "immortals" due to their ability to revive. During the 4th patch of the game, Otherworld adventurers appeared. Before the 5th patch of Exodus, players were not able to meet the Ains race. Once the racial quest <Forgotten race, Ain's traces> was completed, the 5th patch occurred which opened up the <Great Maze of the Ains>. Players were finally able to interact with the Ains who have been sealed inside... and kill them for protection elixirs to use in the Spirit Lands. The Adventurers who came up during this time were able to create a small refuge in the Great Maze and also meet the Ains here.

True History of the Ains

In the Green Zone, in the early year of 2100, humans were confident. They had overcome countless things they had been afraid of and thought that they had succeeded. There was not a single disease they could not cure and humans had been able to live past 300 with ease. The entire surface of the planet, including the seas, had become the human's territory a long time ago. They hadn't planned colonies yet because their planet was so big but they already had great technologies regarding space flight. Countless humans have already gone to dozens of planets for terraforming and other research. The power the humans had built upon so far was so they could control and go against nature. They created medicine to rule over the disease and made facilities to increase their lifespan. They made spaceships for space and huge oceanic cities to rule over the seas. The entire population of humans were 70 billion.

But then the energy node was found. Not a machine but a strange energy flow that used the human body as the basis. a strength which made humans themselves strong. They could swim around the depths of the sea with ease and no illness would harm them. Their lifespans would increase the more they stacked it inside their bodies and it allowed them to smash apart steel with brute force. The humans, overcome by their greed for this new strength, started to devour this new type of energy. But the humans overestimated their own abilities and underestimated their own greed. Due to this, the node blew apart and the humans were pushed to the brink of extinction.

Volcanos erupted as the mantle below the surface flipped and in worse cases, continents broke off. Endless amounts of hail plummeted down from the skies to cover over half of the entire Earth as the volcanic ash quickly covered the skies. The entire planet got covered in darkness and the 2nd alternative energy source, the solar energy, was nowhere to be found. With this came the long ice age. But there was a ray of hope. A giant tower stood in the spot where the energy of the node could still be used. Obelisk. The tower acted as the last line of defense of humanity against the harsh environment. They created a shield by using the node’s energy, supplied humans with the energy needed for their daily lives as well as maintained a giant artificial sun. Below the tower lies a city. Outside the shield lies a tremendous snow storm.

To manage the tower powered by the node, a genius by the name of Nepallem created the artificial energy system, code name Spirit. He then created the Enhanced Race, sentient beings who could move the limited amounts of energy from the energy node in an efficient manner by using the spirit's energies. The enhanced race were created from the humans as the basis, although with various unnecessary wants suppressed such as emotions, sleep, entertainment, and nutrition. Around 50 thousand enhanced race were created. They've been placed in various locations within the tower and the city in order to use the energy of the city efficiently, from the small lights to the entire power grid. However, sooner or later the node will run dry. The humans needed to go over to a new planet and the planet they found was called Tiamet.

Of the enhanced race were 2 series that had the greatest abilities out of all the enhanced race: The MSL series and the TMT series.

  • The MSL series, the 98 sisters, is the epitome of the enhanced race. They use a Great Spirit that specializes in Control. The MSL series had been born to manage the very core of the system that the humans used: The Mudusella System. This system is to provide the humans with a good environment in the tower. The core ability of the Mudusella System is Prediction. It uses the souls of 20 million humans as the basis to bring up a tremendous amount of calculative power to determine the variables of the outside environment and to calculate every possible variable and every action possible to figure out the best plan. The leftover calculative power from when the system isn't predicting the future is used to create a virtual reality game, Exodus, for the 20 million humans. It then records every memory, action patterns, and emotions of the people and convert it all into calculative variables. Their focus was management.
  • The TMT series were created to get rid of various variables and dangers that may come in the way of humans. They were to protect the humans in the unknown planet Tiamet. Thus their name became Tiamet. Their focus was battle and massacre. Since emotions were unneeded in battle, it is erased when the TMT series goes into battle mode. The TMT series uses a spirit of light, one of the most destructive spirits in existence. The TMT series were also born to be the MSL series' mates. There are 100 of them.

The enhanced race were set so they would only be able to attack the human citizens with the orders of a 1st grade citizen or when the citizens themselves broke a rule. A chipset on the neck stops the enhance beings from acting out.

Within the city lies a population of 380 million people. The population is split into grades.

  • 1st Grade Citizens are those who were determined to have necessary abilities or skills towards the survival of the humankind. There are 80 million of them. They are considered to be genetically and educationally superior. Almost all the control rights over the enhanced race belong to the them. They were the first ones to successfully run away to the city.
  • 3rd Grade Citizens are those who are basically useless to the 1st Grade Citizens since the enhance race provided them with power and various other utilities. They are people who had run away from reality. People who agreed that it didn't need to be reality as long as they were satisfied. A virtual world was created for those who had decided to give up on changing reality and had ran away. A virtual world called Exodus. A world created from the Mudusella System. A world created by Nepallem. There are 20 million of them.
  • 2nd Grade Citizens are the remaining 280 million people.

When it was time to migrate humanity to the new planet, the 1st and 2nd Grade Citizens and all the enhance beings were to board the spaceship. The 20 million 3rd Grade Citizens were ordered to return to virtual reality with no idea of the migration. 80 million 1st Grade Citizens were to enjoy the colony built into the spaceship while 10 million 2nd Grade Citizens were frozen in order to become servants in the new planet. It was predicted that the 2nd Grade Citizens would be useful but the 3rd Grade Citizens usefulness would drop and were more likely to cause issues. The 3rd Grade Citizens were left to die.

Tiamet, or TMT-17, is an enhanced being who was once beaten and harassed by the enraged 3rd Grade Citizens. Since the enhance race could not retaliate, Tiamet could do nothing but get stomped and ripped apart. A 3rd Grade Citizen by the name of Astania saved him. Since then, he "fell in love" with her. When Tiamet received news of the plan to leave behind the 3rd Grade Citizens, he kidnaps Astania and tries to take her onto the ship. However, one of the leading 1st class Citizen stops him and forces him off by using the other TMT series, stating that he had no need for defective beings on the ship. Tiamet loses consciousness and finds himself alone with Astania on the forsaken planet.

Nepallem and a Fairy then appears. It is revealed that the energy node blowing up was a part of God's scheme. Nepallem was tasked with terraforming the planet in preparation for Earth's humans. He uses the tower to absorb the snow storm around the entire world and compresses it around the tower, thus solving the entire calamity. Nepallem claims that his objective is done and that it was time to throw his body away. The Fairy reveal that Tiamet was born with a Transcendent Star and was capable of becoming a Transcendent. The Fairy offers him a trade. Tiamet took that trade to obtain power. He killed all of the 1st Grade Citizens who had the power to control the enhanced race. Then he saved all of the 2nd Grade citizens and the Enhanced Raced, the Ains. He had them create the White Dragon Arena and then sealed the Ains who could become a variable. He then locked himself in the White Dragon Arena in order to suppress a massive amount of mana in his body until he transcended and attained the power to escape this world with his Skill of Annihilation.

The world is recycled and the memories of the inhabitants were erased. The 3rd Grade Citizen's bodies stayed within their virtual reality machine in the Tower which is protected by a massive mana storm capable of killing almost anyone. The 3rd Grade Citizens were given avatars and false memories to move around the planet. The 2nd Grade Citizens created Kingdoms and the Empire all under the control of Tiamet. The Ains were sealed to prevent them from going near the Tower. If anyone were to discover the 3rd Grade Citizens in the tower located in the depths of the Spirit Lands, then the 3rd Grade Citizens will all disappear, along with Astania. If Tiamet failed to transcend then Astania will never be released as a hostage. And thus, a thousand years passed and Exodus "opens". The 3rd Grade Citizens appear as immortal players. 11 years later, Earth's adventurers arrive in the Green Zone. A few years later, the Ains make an appearance. And soon Hansoo arrives.

Ain-Human Relation Edit

The Ains were unsealed by Kang Hansoo. When the Empire, Kingdoms, and Players tried to stop Hansoo, he called up an army of coordinated adventurers in the Unity clan to help fight against them. The adventurers and the Ains then entered an alliance to protect each other from the continued attacks of the enemy. Humanity gained access to the Ain's Blessing and thus given the ability to obtain a Spirit. The Ains gained access to the Spirit Lands and were able to power up. Mudusella helps Hansoo by releasing his binds. Things happen and the Ains decide to migrate. A few Ains decide to stay behind. They will give the humans who arrive the Ain's Blessing. 

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