One of the 3 Godly treasures of the empires. It disperses.

The other Godly treasures of the empires are God's Flail which absorbs and saves and Rangkom's Stake which destroys. When combined together, they make Mjölnir.

Description Edit

The godly treasure of the empire. A shield which disperses all forms of energy that are malicious towards it.

Arham's Shield is a small black shield one can attach to their hand. Yellow light emits from the shield when one pours mana into it. There is a strange indent on the shield.

It was held by Tiamet and given to Jang Oh in order to stop Hansoo.

Abilities Edit

The yellow light that emits from it can gnaw away at the enemy's mana and reinforcement. Though it does not have a uniquely powerful attack like the God's Flail, this single passive skill's effect in a battle is tremendous on its own. It is inferior to the Power Destruction ability of Nurmaha's Ring but still works as a form of dispelling.

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