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All weapons, armors, jewelries and other gears that have some sort of special ability/effect are categorized under artifacts. There are countless artifacts that exist and more than one can exist at the same time due to God and the Fairy's ability to copy artifacts. To use an artifact of a certain Rune color, one must have at least one rune that is on that color or higher.


  • To use a colorless artifact the user must have at least one colorless rune
  • To use a red artifact the user must have at least one red rune
  • To use a orange artifact the user must have at least one orange rune

Of these artifacts, there are some that can grow by feeding them runes which are called Growing Artifacts. They start as a normal artifact but as you feed it, it will grow to colorless, red, orange and so on. Of these Growing Artifacts, some are naturally more superior to the point that at the same level, they are easily more superior than other artifacts in the same way that a dragon at the same level as a human is still far superior. This group of Growing Artifacts are called Draconic Series.

The very best 999 Draconic Series Artifacts known to mankind are called the Numbering Series with stronger artifacts having smaller numbers. The Numbering artifacts are also divided from:

  • Rank 1 to 9 were Solo Numbering.
  • Rank 10 to 99 was Double Numbering.
  • Rank 100 to 999 was Triple Numbering.

Past Artifacts Edit

Name Description
Erkanian’s Time Space Crystal A great tool that is said to have the mythical power of sending one to the past. It is used by Keldian to send Hansoo 55 years back to the past when he first entered the Otherworld. It was guarded by the golden dragon race before the humans stole it.

Tutorial Edit

1st Part Edit

Name Description
Selfish Wealthy man’s Food Jar A pouch that can store food for the user. It can protect food from disappearing when the Otherworld Moon is up.
Nurmaha's Ring Solo Numbering 9 Growing Artifact. It has 8 different powers that are unlocked when it reaches a new rune color.
Raroon's Circlet It raised the perception stat of the user by almost 10 and it showed the weak point of the beast on your first encounter with it. Requirements: 25 or higher perception. It was one of the artifacts in the tutorial's train station.
Maniac's Cloud Snack A cigarette pack with 20 cigarettes. After you consume one cigarette, all your rune stats will increase by 20% for about 10 minutes. only works for stats that are below 100 or below Colorless. It was one of the artifacts in the tutorial's train station.

Central Island Edit

Name Description
Justice/Judgement of Dekrados A powerful Colorless artifact.
Demonic Jade Crystal It temporarily boosts all stats to 99.99% of the current colour and lasts for one day. The side effect is that after the boost disappears, all stats fall to 0.01%. It can be found by defeating the Demon Lord of the Central Island during the Tutorial. Hansoo used it to defeat the Final Secret Dungeon in the Tower.
Arangkal’s Bracelet It absorbed the user’s mana to give basic invisibility as well as sending out force waves to interfere with the enemy’s perception.
The Flag of Ariknon Hill It created an aura around the person holding the flag which increased the speed of regeneration as well strength and stamina by 5%.
Drum of Lempal All of your allies within 300 meters had all of their stats increased by 15% even if you were just holding it. And if you beat the drum, the effects were even more glorious. One beat to increase the regeneration speed of those who heard it, two beats decreased the perception by 15% but increased strength and agility by 25% and three beats even increased resistances. You couldn’t use it for 5 days once you beat it three times.

Tower Edit

Name Description
Fake Philosopher's Stone Can be used to temporarily increase the capacity of equipment. Hansoo used it to make his equipment able to absorb red runes, although this resulted in their destruction after some time. Can be gotten by individually killing 32 protectors in the second floor of the Tower (during the Tutorial) and exchange the marbles gotten. Was obtained by Kangtae in the first incarnation. Hansoo used it to defeat the Final Secret Dungeon in the Tower.
Seven Stripe Cape An amazing Cape that increases the defense against seven different weapons.
Inkaron's Golden Cape Boost's Charisma, Charm, and Luck by 15 and the 8 base stats by 5%

Red Zone Edit

Name Description
Divine Stone An artifact of blinding white light that acts as the foundation of the World Tree and powers it.
Five Relics Five Relics wielded by each of the Five Great Tiger Generals of the Elvenheim.
Thousand Soldiers Armor A silver scale armor made to protect the Elvenheim king. The Original Version of the Solo Numbering 6 Growing Artifact, Weapon Eater, that grows stronger the more armor it eats.
Forked Lightning A golden spear of punishment that allowed the Elvenheim King to kill anybody who has gone against the king, whoever they may be.

Orange Zone Edit

Name Description
Crown of Thorns Elkadion's masterpiece. Controls the numerous unmanned soldiers, Akadus.
Soul Telautograph An ancient Akaron technology used to summon the soul of one's choosing.
Dark Cloud A cloud that allows the user to infect and take control of living or nonliving organisms, machines, tools, etc.
Dragon Essence Blade An artifact created by Elkadion that allows the user to reach the level of the Tiradus.

The legacy and Holy Artifact of the 1st Great Patriarch, Mekido.

Yellow Zone Edit

Name Description
Satellite Fortress A Sage technology that provides offensive and defensive abilities for the user. Runs on mana and can make the user invincible.
Akion Labelled as "spear of fury". It is a special spear used by the higher races which can fire a beam of energy almost as strong as the ones from the satellite fortresses. Runs on the mana from the satellite fortresses.
Destruction Jade The strongest Artifact made by the Sages. It is paired with the Red Jade. The Destruction Jade suppresses mana while the Red Jade suppresses Sanity.
Mana Jade A heart implant that grants the user massive amounts of mana. It is a tier higher than the Mana Pool Surgery
Blue Jade Bestows a tremendous amount of mana, power, defense, speed onto the user but at the same time puts a slave contract on the user. Used by the Higher Races to turn humans into hunting dogs.
King's Crown A red crown hidden in the Underground Maze. Looks like a fancier glowing version of the Satellite Fortress crowns. Allows the wearer to control the silver liquid within the Underground Maze. If the wearer chooses to sacrifice his physical body, he can transfer his soul and consciousness into the Maze and shift to become a gigantic silver monster.
Snake's Path Triple Numbering 301 artifact. A bow and arrow that home in on an enemy's heart.
Scarlet Yang Armor Triple Numbering 779 artifact. An armor that stimulates the wearer's viciousness.

Green Zone Edit

Name Description
God's Flail Solo Numbering 3 Growing Artifact. One of the 3 godly treasures of the Empire. It absorbs and saves.
Rangkom's Stake One of the 3 godly treasures of the Empire. It destroys.
Arham's Shield One of the 3 godly treasures of the Empire. It disperses.
Spirit Stones Artifacts which can enhance weapons after being embedded in it. They give particular and strong elemental powers to the owner. They are greedily sought by the players and can be acquired from the creatures in the Spirit land. It has a Berserk Mode that allowed one to exert a power numerous times more powerful but at the cost of destroying the stone.
Immortality Stone Stones used by the players to avoid the 24 hours resurrection penalty cooldown and instead revive instantly in the same spot the player died. Only 2 can be used in the span of 24 hours. Adventurers can not use them.

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