A 3rd year adventurer in the Red Zone.

Bio Edit

Due to losing a family member to the Calamity Fish, Camille vowed to kill it. Over the course of her 3 years in the Otherworld, she made 13 attempts to kill it. The 1st attempt was with people who wanted revenge. She was the only survivor. The 2nd attempt was with more than a hundred people with the entice of rewards. She was one of only 2 survivors.

People view her with pity for wasting time trying to kill the impossible. Due to her attempts at killing the calamity, she fell behind the others and was only able to reach 50% red runes before she meets Kang Hansoo. When Hansoo says he'll help her kill the Calamity Fish, she attacked him due to him being a newbie who didn't know better. After Hansoo proves himself, she helps him gather some materials to make a poison potent enough to kill the Calamity Fish.

She is friends with Sofia Vargera. She asks Sofia to help find Hansoo after Hansoo disappeared somewhere to fight another calamity.

Known Skills Edit

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