All weapons, armors, jewelleries and other gears that have some sort of special ability/effect are categorized under artifacts. There are countless artifacts that exist and more than one can exist at the same time. The very best 999 artifacts known to mankind are listed by Numbering with stronger artifacts having smaller numbers.The very best 999 Numbering artifacts is also called [Growing Artifacts], [Numbering Series] and [Draconic Series] they start as a normal artifact but as you feed it, it will grow to colorless, red, orange and so on.

The Numbering artifacts are also divided from: Rank 1 to 9 were [solo numbering]. Rank 10 to 99 was [double numbering]. Rank 100 to 999 was [triple numbering].

The artifacts are divided in each zone and the user must have the corresponding rune to use it.

Example: to use a colorless artifact the user must have at least one colorless rune to use a red artifact the user must have at least one red rune to use a orange artifact the user must have at least one orange rune

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