This page lists the characters (major[Yellow] and minor[White]) encountered in the Blue Zone Arc

Blue Zone Residents Edit

Melchizedek Edit

The Machine King. The Owner of the Blue Zone.

Others Edit

  • R-Koronaita Nell. - An R-level who was acknowledged for his abilities and given the rights to control the fleet of flames, the Kalkouroun, one of the strongest fleets of Angkara.
  • R-Korun Nell. An R-level soldier of the Angkara planet. A Dragon Soldier who was transported to Nelkipa by N-Maria. He fought against Kiriel until Kiriel beat him and took his Dragon God Armor. He is later taken hostage and used as a guide.
  • N-Maria. An N-level Technorat of the Angkara planet. Has technical knowledge. Gave Hansoo and Kiriel the Repulsion Coating after allying with them.
  • N-Martin. An N-level soldier of the Angkara planet. Has a kind and laid back personality. His main duty is to protect. He is very nationalistic and tries to betray Hansoo and Kiriel because they were given the Repulsion Coating.
  • N-Akuon. The leader of the Technorats. A leader of all technical-related things who is positioned as the head technician on Kalkouroun Fleet. A complete germophobe.
  • N-Aroel. A Technorat with abilities on par with N-Akuon. Has a nasty personality and lack of respect for the R-levels above him. Positioned in the Aokan, Nelkipa's defense city, as the city's head technician. Allies with Kiriel before he beamed himself home.


Valentine Siblings Edit

Dark Lords of Clementine:

  • Ares Valentine - The younger sibling. Dual wielding long sword with short sword.
  • Elis Valentine - The older sibling. Likes to self-mutilate herself as a hobby.

Others Edit

Jack Hounder - One of the surviving humans on the Blue Zone after Melchizedek betrayed the humans. A good looking man who has a trait that can read a person's emotions and their evil thoughts. His trait also allows him to find women he'd once been intimate with. Uses it to lead Hansoo and Kiriel to the Angkara natives.

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