Elkadion's relic and masterpiece. It was created to help reduce the casualties to the Akarons.

Description Edit

The Crown of Thorns is a black crown which seems to be made of a thorny tree. It can only be worn by an Akaron with the strongest physique since it was something created for a human. Upon placing the crown on one's head, the thorns will extend out explosively and pierce the head of the person. The crown will then slowly turn red. The crown is a huge drain on one's stamina and will give tremendous amount of pain to one's head.

It is located inside the <Arklateori>, a giant factory located on the white lion Gragos, Lazar. The factory produces the Akadus. In the center of the factory lies the Soul Telautograph and within that is the Crown of Thorns.

The Crown of Thorns is protected by numerous silver Akadus and 12 extremely pwoerful golden Akadus. Elkadion set the Akadus to attack every lifeform so the Crown of Thorns would not land into the wrong hands. She set a powerful barrier around the factory that would destroy the Crown of Thorns if someone tried to forcefully take it.

Abilities Edit

The Crown of Thorns has the ability to control the numerous Akadus as well as 12 golden Akadus. Each Akadus is weaker than the Tiradus it is based off of but it does have quantity. Three golden Akadus are as powerful as a single Tiradus.

A special power of the Crown of Thorns is the power to summon the soul of somebody of one's choosing. Elkadion was able to transport her soul back to the Orange Zone after one obtains both the Crown of Thorns and the Dragon Essence Blade.

After Elkadion's soul was transported to the Orange Zone, her soul remained inside the Crown of Thorns. Although she can't take control of one's body without the Dragon Essence Blade, she can help maintain the silver liquid of the Body Enhancement Surgery of the holder's body.

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