Dark Cloud is a Growing Artifact.

Description Edit

The Dark Cloud is the innate ability of the Dark Cloud race who reside in the Abyss. It allows the user to infect living or nonliving organisms, machines, and tools, thus gaining control over them.

It was obtained in the Orange Zone after Galkima was accidentally summoned. Galkima infected and possessed the Akadus and used them to attack the humans living in the Orange Zone. After he was defeated, a Fairy awarded dark clouds to the humans who helped defeat Galkima. The size of a dark cloud someone gets is depended on how much Dark Clouds they were able to get rid of. Kang Hansoo gained the biggest piece due to defeating Galkima. Enbi Arin who defeated 2 infected Golden Akadus received a piece larger than most others. Kim Gwanje managed to defeated a Golden Akadus all by himself, at the expense of nearly being crippled.

Abilities Edit

The Dark Cloud artifact grows the more it infects. It can be summoned from a person's body at any time. When an organism is infected, they can be enhanced. An infected beast would be able to win against 3 of its previous versions (when controlled by Kang Hansoo anyways). Infected beings are able to regenerate itself no matter the attack until the owner of the cloud or the cloud itself dies. Even if one knows about the cloud, if they do not use a special attack it will not die.

To control a living being, one needs to beat it half dead and put the dark cloud inside of it. At the same time one can receive their memory. Since he has large amount he can control a few being at the same time.

To control a nonliving thing, one must inject the cloud and mana into into the object. The cloud send information about the object to the user. It is also capable of molding liquid metal into armor.

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