The legacy and Holy Artifact of the 1st Great Patriarch, Mekido.

Description Edit

The Dragon Essence Blade was used by the 1st Great Patriarch, Mekido. It was prepared by Elkadion. The treasure allowed Mekido, an Akaron, to fight the Tiradus and win on a one versus one.

The Dragon Essence Blade is made from the hardest part of the Margoth which is then used to absorb the essence of the Gragos. It was made by absorbing the strongest Gragos, the white lion Lazar. When placed into one's body, the user will receive the energy of a Margoth's body and the essence of a Gragos. When first absorbed, the Dragon Essence Blade breaks into a thousand fragments and bores into the body. The bright marbles that are inside the Dragon Essence Blade get larger and larger as they cover one's body patch by patch.

Elkadion made a fake Dragon Essence Blade and kept it in the secret compartment of the Soul Telautograph that was on Lazar. It looks like a sword and is implied to be as strong as a high ranked double numbering artifact. The real Dragon Essence Blade was located in the Soul Telautograph in the deepest part of the temple of the Dragon-shaped Gragos, the 2nd largest Gragos after Lazar. It looks like a small and puny dagger-shaped bone.

Abilities Edit

The Dragon Essence Blade is a Growing Artifact that grows every time one enhances their body using it. The Dragon Essence Blade enhances the skeletal structure while the essence that comes with it reconstructs and greatly enhances the user's body. It also increases the regeneration speed of the user.

One can control the bone fragments and have it form a small shield in one's hand.

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