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One of the 4 last existing human in the last incarnation, part of the 100 strongest human, the Final Brigade. She was in a party with Keldian Magus, Kim Kangtae and Kang Hansoo in the Abyss.

Eres was among the first batches of humans to go to The Otherworld. An amazing leader and Lord who doesn't like killing and prefers to avoid conflict. She's very good a uniting people and drove a path in the various Zones leaving various clans and forces to pave an easier way and protect the batches yet to come. The Helper clan in the Red Zone, the Seal for the fifth Calamity <Akuma> and the Cross Clan in the Orange Zone are her contribution in helping humanity. She used to be a physician on Earth.

Together with Keldian Magus, she created the Cross Clan, the strongest clan in the Orange Zone with the intention of helping humanity by creating a safe area where they created rules to follow, gave people responsibilities and divided authority. They allowed anyone who was willing to follow these rules to enter their area of control and even become one of them. She is also considered the charisma of the clan alongside the brain that is Keldian Magus. Eres and Keldian thought that their setup would be able to unify the whole Orange zone in an instant.

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Eres is a firm believer in saving people as long as they weren't completely insane. She believes that humans could change for the better, that the environment is what caused humans to turn vicious and that the fairies turned them into beasts. She believes that creating enemies will one day make them block your path, that one should protect the weak, that one should give people chances, and that coexistence was the answer.

Due to her personality, there are many problems in which people would get in her way. For this reason, there exist the cleaners <Punisher>. People who would dirty their hands instead of the Lords, people who would help their owner head towards their goal. Eres is really good at persuading. During a negotiation, she is the first to try to "persuade" another. If that fails, Keldian, Kangtae, then Hansoo are up next.

She often bickers with Keldian due to a difference in opinions. Keldian believes that her refusal to kill led to the suffering of humanity during multiple occasions.

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Eres is a natural leader who gathered people and quickly created a clan due to her Lord trait and physician occupation on Earth.

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Don’t fling off people who approach you just because it’s annoying, and take care of them.
~ Eres Valentine
You see the people there can only see an inch in front of them and are tangled in reality. Of course they’ll be more cowardly and weaker than you. If they get in your way then… Nothing can be done but at least give them a chance.
~ Eres Valentine
The environment is what caused it. This environment turned them vicious and the fairies turned them into beasts. If we can create a positive environment then those people will clearly be able to stay humane. Please, kill as least as possible.
~ Eres Valentine
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