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Mischievous palm-size creatures with small wings and a shining body. They are the subordinates of God. They represent the authority governing the Tutorial. They take fun in the adventurers plight and enjoy watching them struggle. They find delight in giving information that will cause a division among the humans. Adventurers have learned to dread the bad news that will happen when a fairy starts to talk.

Fairies are existences that have been implemented with emotions and they are allowed to vent off their emotions as long as it doesn't step over the line. Fairies do not like people interrupting them when they talk. If someone tries to attack them, the Fairies will kill the person slowly and painfully by ripping the person's flesh off bit by bit with their tiny hands.

After the tutorial, the fairies rarely appear in front of adventurers unless a giant disaster appears or if an impossible achievement is made. They seem to silently watch over Hansoo as he climbs the Otherworld and will appear when he calls them during times of emergency. When a great achievement is done, Fairies award adventurers with powerful skills and artifacts.

Appearances in the Otherworld Edit

A thousand years prior, a fairy appeared in the Green Zone and manipulated the world and its inhabitants. The fairy made a deal with Tiamet where Tiamet was to guard the mountain ranges of the Spirit Lands until he transcends. If not, then the people lying beyond the Mountain Ranges will disappear.

In the Red Zone, a fairy appeared in front of Kang Hansoo to give him a choice between choosing a Solo Numbering skill for each Calamity killed or a random Zero Numbering skill for all of the Calamities killed. Kang Hansoo was able to obtain the Pandemic Blade from them for killing all of the Calamities.

In the Orange Zone, a fairy appeared when the Dimensional Portal to the Yellow Zone was destroyed. They were able to create caves, lands, and living beasts on the Gragos, and recreate portals so that people from the Red Zone can come up to the Orange Zone. When Galkima, a Dark Cloud being summoned from the Abyss, was defeated, the Fairy appeared to reward the people who helped with a Dark Cloud artifact.

In the Yellow Zone, a fairy appeared to give the human race the mission of killing the Gael-Tara, a massive Satellite Fortress on a rampage. Hansoo managed to "kill" the Gael-Tara so the Fairy awarded him with the Zero Numbering skill, Nine Dragons Spear.

Plot Spoilers

In the Green Zone, a fairy appeared to announce to the beings of the Otherworld that the Abyss was going to be open. Hansoo figured out the intent of God and intentionally sped up the arrival of the Abyss in order to create Transcendents. The fairy also gives Hansoo the Immortal Soul skill as a reward for killing Tiamet.

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