One of the Elvenheim King's two treasures, the two treasures that are required to keep the kingship. The other treasure is the Thousand Soldiers Armor. It is as strong as a Solo Numbering weapon.

Description Edit

A giant 3m golden spear, a spear of punishment, that allowed the Elvenheim King to kill anybody who has gone against the king, whoever they may be. It is located in the Red Zone, in the Elvenheim palace which is protected by the <Flower>, an energy barrier powered by the Divine Stone. The Flower will burn anyone who does not have permission to access the palace.

Major Plot Spoilers

During the battle with the Ark-Roa, Forked Lightning was cracked. Due to its limitations as a Solo Numbering artifact, it could not withstand the strength of a Transcendent. Hansoo broke it apart and fed the lower half to the Thousand Soldiers Armor. Using the upper half of Forked Lightning, Hansoo continued to fight against the Ark-Roa until Forked Lightning cracked even further, with its blade breaking apart into small fragments. Its remains were fed to the silver armor, resulting in bits of gold filling the cracks.

Abilities Edit

The Forked Lightning is a growing artifact. It has a homing effect and can follow a target over long distances if supplied with enough mana. It has great durability, flexibility, and penetration. It is very near unbreakable.

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