Description Edit

A <Trait> that allows a person to break off a small piece of his soul and place it into another person. This can be done up to 7 times. The trait allows the user to control the 7 people. The fragment can be passed on to other people.

Abilities Edit

Can transfer memories, information, skills, traits, and battle experience as much as the user wants to the receiver. With this, one wouldn't need to be taught since they can use the memories of the user without needing any explanation or understanding. However, if the zone, strength, and quality of the user is far from the receiver, then the receiver won't be able to pull out 100% of the soul's abilities.

If the difference in level is large then the user is able to forcibly take control of the receiver. However, this is not possible if the user's abilities and zone vastly outstrips the receiver's. For example, an Indigo zone user wouldn't be able to take control of a yellow zone receiver. When the body is forcefully taken over, it causes backlashes to the receiver's soul.

It is the single known ability that is able to go across the Dimensional Wall and still influence people. With this, one can communicate with each other between zones in the Otherworld.

Known Users Edit

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