A God who decided to create a whole new world called the Abyss in order to relieve him of his boredom. He transported many creatures into this new world of his in order to have them fight each other and entertain him.

Bio Edit

Utilizes the Fairies to do his bidding. Not much is known about him save for the fact that he has the ability to create worlds and the ability to cross dimensions and worlds.

Likes to meddle in the affairs of entire worlds.

Enjoys watching fights and people falling into misery and despair.

Transports people who became Transcendents in their world into the world of the Abyss.

Abilities and Creations Edit

  • Can teleport species to new worlds.
  • Can change the energy density of an entire world/zone.
  • Created the Abyss, a separate reality and world that pits creatures of all nature against each other.
  • Can observe beings who've transported to the past.
  • Can revive people and even create avatars of people.
  • Can create and copy skills and artifacts of all kind.
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