Gigantic beasts that are as big as a small country. They reside in the Orange Zone and act as land to live on. They maintain their body temperature by submerging their body within the sea of lava and supplied its body with energy by drinking the lava. The Gragos is a creature which supplied land and food to other creatures in the Orange Zone. The only thing that can threaten a Gragos is another Gragos. When a Gragos fights another Gragos, they would roll around the lava and fight aggressively. Creatures survive by drinking their body fluids. Margoths like to drink the body fluids of the Gragos until the Gragos decides to roll into the lava sea.

There are crucial conditions that were needed to be fulfilled in order for people to be able to live upon them. All beings on top of a Gragos would get massacred if even one of these conditions wasn't fulfilled.

  1. They cannot have the habit of enjoying a hot bath by diving under the lava.
  2. They have to be large enough to not be submerged in lava.
  3. They shouldn't fight against other Gragos for stress relief or as a snack.

After the Body Enhancement Surgery was completed, the Gragos were infected by the Calamity of Death. The calamity would slowly eat through the infected Gragos and paralyze it. Eating the body of a healthy Gragos would cure it temporarily. The Gragos that was infected thoroughly by the Calamity of Death didn’t die but would slowly fall beneath the lava after having its whole body paralysed. When the Calamity of Death was introduced, the number of Gragos had declined at an extreme speed.

The Gragos have more differences with each other than similarities. They can resemble a snake, bear, sloth, monkey, leopard, cow, lizard, tiger and dragon. The Bull Gragos has legs as thick as the trunk of the World Tree, tail as thick as the Ouroboros, a giant cow-like head with horns that shot above the clouds.

The most powerful and largest Gragos is Lazar, the white Lion Gragos. It is considered the capital city and Holy Land of the Akarons. The Great Patriarch's residence, Tao-Bao, and the Great Temple lies on the location of Lazar where the most amount of essence flew through.

Below Lazar is a Dragon-shaped Gragos which has the qualifications to be called the second capital. The Dragon Essence Blade is located on the Dragon-shaped Gragos.

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