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A Korean college student that goes into same school with Kang Hansoo and rest. Described beauty that stands out than an average girl.

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Started off with Hansoo in the tutorial, she was part of the group date and seen as the most beautiful. She was with Hansoo the longest in comparison to the rest of the group. She noticed that as long as she never "crossed the line" (physically and metaphorically) she could follow Hansoo and learn what she could.

Although she said she was scared of Hansoo at first she never let that stop her from following him. She even managed to receive quite a few benefits from traveling with him for as long as she did in the tutorial. Ultimately she knew the distance between her and Hansoo was too great and decided that she would still support him but she needed to get stronger in order for her to be of help.

She chose to stay with Hansoo until the Carnivorous Beast, where she joined with Sangjin's group due to not keeping up with Hansoo. She continues to see Hansoo in the tutorial periodically but ends up not knowing if he makes it to the Red Zone due to Hansoo climbing up the side of the tower. She believed that she would see him somewhere in the tower but does not. When she leaves the tutorial she is seen as one of the strongest people as she followed Hansoo for a long time before splitting.

She was seen in the Red Zone, and was used as bait to lure out people wishing to take Hansoo's friends hostage. When she meets Hansoo in the Orange Zone, she blushes at his new appearance due to the Body Enhancement Surgery. She joins the Unity clan created by Kang Hansoo and receives the surgery as well. She is seen in the Yellow Zone trying to look for Hansoo after the Higher Race were defeated. Her last mention was in the Indigo Zone.

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