A chain-scythe weapon-type artifact, named Judgement of Dekrados which possesses two skills, Judgement and Suppression. Due to the inherent difficulty in wielding this weapon type, the attached skills, while simple, are more effective and powerful than the skills of comparable weapons of easier-to-wield types.

The scythe possesses the skill <Judgement> which utilizes the user's Mana to increase the destructive and explosive power of impact. for complete set artifact.

The chain is capable of stretching to a length of at least 200 meters and withstanding great force, and possess the skill <Suppression> which continuously drains the Mana of the entangled victim and utilizes it to lower all of their Stats.

As a complete set of the artifact Judgement of Dekrados it give 2 more skill. <Division> One of the two skills of the Justice of Dekrados. The dagger could divide into twelve that had the same durability but once one of them is broken, then the broken copy wouldn’t be regenerated even if you were to use Division again. And, <collection> collect all the dagger into one. Other privilege for complete set it give <Reinforce> which was activated when he used these two artifacts together, started up. And in this unique form, the chain became even stronger and the dagger sharper only when complete set.

chapter 39

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