The ex-king of the Sages who lived 60 years in the Yellow Zone.

Bio Edit

Karmen was a genius who was born in the Yellow Zone among the Sages. He grew to be the first Sage to live past 30 years for the first time in their history, and continued to live up to 60 years. 

He allowed the distribution and sharing of his information but he did not allow the stealing of it. Before he was a king, he was a researcher who had a huge amount of greed for knowledge.

Due to the Mana Pool stimulating his brain cells for 60 years, he had immense knowledge and invented many things. He created the Garmeia, a Satellite Fortress with the most powerful mana engine ever created and had a size that was a few times larger than a normal Satellite Fortress.

One day, Karmen left the Garmeia, his own personal Satellite Fortress. When he arrived at the Capital, the Royal Sages launched a surprise attack against him. Karmen died and the Royal Sages succeeded in the information on his body. The information that Karmen brought was information that told them how to create a powerful body and move their souls there.

He was betrayed and assassinated by his own race due to the Sages' impending doom and lack of knowledge. Because of this, Karmen left behind a mechanism on the Garmeia that would destroy the Satellite Fortresses of the Sages, eat the Mana Engine of the Satellite Fortresses, and become a bomb that would blow apart everything without leaving behind a bit of grass. Karmen created this to destroy all evidence of the Sages existing due to his rage from the Sage's betrayal.

Abilities Edit

Karmen created many things during his time using his immense knowledge that surpasses the Sages. He created the Destruction Jade and Red Jade that suppressed the mana and consciousness of beings. This would allow for less complications to arrive during the soul transmigration to a new body.

He created the Heavenly Siege Fortress Garmeia, the El-Tara which defends the Garmeia, the Gael-Tara which preys on the Satellite Fortresses, the Underground Maze which was used to experiment with mana suppressing silver liquid, and the Mana Jade which is a tier higher than the Mana Pool.

Karmen also had working knowledge about the technology of the World Tree, Body Enhancement Surgery, Mana Pool Surgery, Body Creation, and Soul Migration.

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