A Clan Lord of the Unity clan and King of the Yellow Zone under Kang Hansoo.

Bio Edit

Khan is a clan lord who gained the Soul Fragment and the right to control the Satellite Fortresses in the Yellow Zone after the Higher Races were defeated.

He controls the clansmen through his Lord trait and moves the Satellite Fortresses around through Hansoo's orders. His clansmen sends him messages while he sends messages to Hansoo through the Soul Fragment.

He was meant to receive the Destruction Jade to control the Sages however that was unneeded after the Sages population deteriorated due to the lower class Sages rebelling against the Royal Sages. After Kang Hansoo went to the Green Zone, he was left in charge of giving the humans the Mana Pool Surgery using the 10 Satellite Fortresses in his possession.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Not much is known about Khan's abilities besides the fact that he has the Lord trait.

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