Leader of the Rerorerore Clan in the Orange Zone and King of the Orange Zone under Hansoo. Gwanje orchestrated the Gragos Lava Bathing Incident in the first timeline which killed 300 million humans. This was due to Karbana, the Great Priest Akaron, controlling him.

Bio Edit

Kim Gwanje sped through the Red Zone with his family and declared that it would have been better to have everyone under 1 Pillar rather than 6. His family was saved by one of the Seven Departed Souls.

After he arrived in the Orange Zone, he was attacked by Bali Roper. His daughter died while he and his wife escaped. He was treated and saved by the Great Priest Karbana, an Akaron who wants to kill off his entire race. Karbana gave him the Body Enhancement Surgery and controlled him to do his bidding while taking Gwanje's wife hostage. Gwanje was tasked with luring out the hidden Akarons. Gwanje decided to build the clan Rerorerore and took in many messed up but strong people. He publicized the surgery as well and used that as leverage to keep the Margoth-level fighters in the clan. He took only 4 years to build the second strongest clan in the zone.

Due to the incident with Bali Roper, Gwanje decided that it was annoying to put great names on things only to get attached to it. From then on, he named things badly such as Rerorerore and Ursa Major, a name for the group of Margoth-level fighters in his clan.

After Karbana was killed and his wife was saved, Gwanje joins under Hansoo and helps control the new clan <Unity> in the Orange Zone along with Enbi Arin. He also finds out that his wife is pregnant. In order to gain leverage on the Akarons who had nothing to gain from being in alliance with the humans, Gwanje created a suppression tactic where he can force the Gragos to bathe in lava if he so decides to. This backfires and nearly kills everyone when the Dark Cloud, Galkima, appears. He was able to stop Galkima from using the Suppression tactic at the cost of his health.

Hansoo gave him the Crown of Thorns with Elkadion's soul in it, after Taruhol couldn't wear it anymore. This enabled Gwanje to live. He becomes the new ruler of the Orange Zone after taking Kang Hansoo's Fragments of Seven Souls.

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