Bio Edit

One of the 4 last existing human in the last incarnation, part of the 100 strongest human, the Final Brigade. He was in a party with Eres Valentine, Keldian Magus and Kang Hansoo in The Abyss.

Personality Edit

Kangate is very quick to anger. He would cut off the necks of those who got in his way but would usually leave them alone and not care about them if they did nothing. During a negotiation, he is the third to try to "persuade" another, after Eres and Keldian. He would use force to force a person to do something whether they want to or not.

He believes it is simple to build rapport and lower another person's guard simply by sharing a secret only the two would know.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kangtae is considered the strongest person of the final 4. He wields a massive sword and became strong by gobbling up runes and items. He also has an unusually extreme amounts of luck. For example, Kangtae obtained the Solo Numbering skill <Lord of the Dead> while roaming around the tutorial and the Red Zone. He left it behind in the Red Zone to help Miyamoto without knowing its full potential and deeply regrets it.

He even obtains a rare Regeneration rune from killing a goblin in the Tutorial stage. Because of the runes and skills he consistently acquired with his extreme luck, he is the strongest person.

Skills Edit

Immortal Soul : Turns the user's body close to an Immortal's. This skill represents the Solo Numbering Rank 1 skill of the Numbering Series known to humanity. This skill allowed him to fight like a "Mad Immortal" in the battlefield with no worry about injuries or stamina due to the extreme regeneration granted by the skill.

Quotes Edit

Hey! It’s simple! Just share a secret that only you two know!

Then the female will loosen up her guard.

~ Kim Kangtae
You pissed me off so I.WILL.DESTROY.YOU.
~ Kim Kangtae
You can go in freely, but leaving is another story.
~ Kim Kangtae
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