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A skill that is easy to get and quite strong even without raising the mastery of it. It is a skill that only had good points but nobody tried to learn it.

Sangjin caught weaklings and taught them this skill. He then forced them to increase the mastery to the limit of control. Sangjin's underlings ignite their bodies and madly charged against their enemies like suicide soldiers in times of danger under Wongyung's Lord control.

Abilities Edit

The moment the skill is activated, one would gain tremendous amount of strength by burning all the runes they have. Skills that had mastery of around 10% would skyrocket up to 50% and their bodies which lost the limit of the brain showed a battle prowess that couldn't even be compared to that of before. This skill is good enough to use as a lifesaver since it was better to lose some runes to live rather than die.

Once the skill reaches high mastery, the burning of ones runes couldn't be stopped. Eventually it will burn a person's life as well.

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