A very powerful Solo Numbering skill. Rank 8.

Description Edit

A skill that differs depending on the mastery. It raises the dead to be controlled by the user.

Its has the burden of being used against humans. In order to use this skill properly, one had to raise the people whom they killed in large numbers. The true might of this strength was shown at night. If it was able to raise the dead during the day then the skill's ranking wouldn't gone up. Anyone who uses this skill advertise themselves as human killers.

Kim Kangtae managed to obtain this skill during his time in the Red Zone due to his luck. He left it behind without realizing how good of a skill it would have been since the Numbering Series was something that was determined after an artifact or skill had grown to the violet zone.

The Fairy gave Kang Hansoo the choice of gaining 5 skills of his choice for one each of the Five Calamities killed in the Red Zone or gain a random Zero Numbering skill for killing all the of Five Calamities. Kang Hansoo chose the random Zero Numbering skill which turned out to be the Pandemic Blade. The Lord of the Dead skill reappears in Miyamoto Junichi's treasure vault, a vault of powerful skills and artifacts left behind by Kangtae and the others.

In the first timeline, Sofia Vargera found the vault and learned Miyamoto's secret. She obtained this skill and many other skills and artifacts and uses them to kill Miyamoto. Her abilities, skills, and artifacts allowed her to become a member of the Final Brigade.

In the second timeline, Hansoo knew about the vault raided it. He planned to give it to Enbi Arin who he was going to recruit as a Punisher in the Orange Zone but instead he gave it to Sangjin who becomes his personal Punisher.

Abilities Edit

A fearsome skill which allows one to raise the ones who they have killed during the night into spectres and allows the usage of the special skill, <Death>, during the day. When night comes, endless amounts of black human-shaped creatures climb out of the shadows to attack the enemy. Destroyed shadow soldiers will disappear as if it had melted and then be absorbed back into other shadows. They constantly come back after healing no matter what kind of damage they received, as long as they are supplied with mana. The flesh that get scratched by the special skill will rot.

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