A heart implant that grants the user massive amounts of mana.

Description Edit

The Mana Jade is a shining crystal-shaped marble growing Artifact that is comprised of four jewels. It was created by Karmen, the ex-King of the Sages in the Yellow Zone. Karmen intended for the Mana Jade to be a gift for the Sages before the Sages hit him in the back.

The Mana Jade is inserted above the user's heart and syncs up with the user's heart. If the Mana Jade is burnt out from overuse, it will turn off and won't work for a while. It appears to feel emotions such as rage and fear, mostly due to almost being broken from the use of the Nine Dragons Spear.

It was obtained in Karmen's personal Satellite Fortress. Metiron was able to find and use it against Hansoo. After he was defeated, Hansoo took the Mana Jade for himself.

Abilities Edit

The Mana Jade supplies the body with tremendous amounts of mana. It is a tier higher than the Mana Pool Surgery. Instead of being a higher tier Mana Pool, it's more like a lower tier Mana Engine, an engine that is used to power the Satellite Fortress.

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