Metiron, the Dark General.

Bio Edit

He is an underling of Clementine, the Mad Monarch. He is referred to as one of Clementine's Dark Lords and is bound to her right-hand man, Taehee, through a soul fragment using the trait Fragments of Seven Souls.

He is placed by Clementine as the leader of the Yellow Zone and holds the Destruction Jade while residing in the Birdcage. Here in the Birdcage he keeps company with the three Higher Races and has an alliance with them which allows for the higher races to eat and play with the humans captured and kept in the birdcage.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Metiron has the Lord trait that enables him to control others. With Taehee's Fragments of Seven Souls, he is able to use 3 high Numbering skills, including the crowd buff skill, Steel Lord, which he is able to use on his followers.

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