Transcendental Zero Numbering artifact. Made by combining the 3 Godly treasures of the Empire: God's Flail, Arham's Shield, and Rangkom's Stake.

Description Edit

Made with an alloy that allows a transcendent to freely utilize it, unlike the Solo Numbering weapons. Its original owner is Nepallem who brought it from someone so that Tiamet can use it in the Green Zone. Due to its overwhelming power, it was split apart into 3 artifacts in order for Tiamet to use. It can be used in its hammer form or its treasures form.

The Handle of the hammer is Rangkom's Stake. The Head of the hammer is God's Flail. The Flat Part of the hammer's head is Arham's Shield. The stake has a few protrusions. The flail has a hole. The shield has an indent. Only by knowing the method to fuse them can they fit together. All together, Mjolnir is a head-size red anvil with a black top and a white handle.

A hammer that always desires to destroy, no matter it the opponent was an enemy or its owner. While not in battle, the energy will head towards the owner to rip apart his muscles, burn up his nerves, and break his bones. The destructive energy will flow into the owner's body to rip apart his internals, but Hansoo viewed this damage as a good form of training for Immortal Soul. The hammer has a lot of pride. It will not accept those that denies its energy as its owner.

Abilities Edit

When the hammer hits an enemy, the sky splits apart as a humongous bolt of lightning strikes down. When this bolt of lightning hits, every nerve fiber in the enemy's body will seem to scream with pain. The central nervous system and even the enemy's muscle will be paralyzed in an instant. Bolts of lightning will strike around the hammer.

Smashing the hammer into the ground summons a giant bolt of lightning, thus creating a pillar of lightning.

As a Zero Numbering artifact, it will not break under the strength of a Transcendent.

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