Reincarnator introduces many monsters within its stories.

The following is a list of monsters that appear in the Tutorial.

Galapagon Crocodile Edit

A 30m big giant crocodile that lived in the swamps of the inner parts of the wide 4th floor of the tutorial tower.

Goblins Edit

A basic monster found in the Tutorial. They're half the size of humans and drop runes when killed. Kangtae reported having obtained a Regeneration Rune from killing one, most likely due to his absurd luck. They drop Podaos, a rather weak but useful weapon compared to the others.

They also are the primary source of food in the Tutorial, as their meat is toxic it first has to be boiled in Goblin Blood to be edible.

They are unarmed or armed with basic Podaos, with sometimes one having a weapon of slightly higher quality.

Green Worm Edit

This monster is located in the first stage of the tutorial in Gangnam Station. Described as one of the most widely used mobs in the tutorial, these little guys avoid sunlight, and come out of the dark after sensing vibrations.

Hansoo and friends hunt these on the way to the lower levels of Gangnam station by stabbing at gaps in the granite floor. Thinking they would be safer hunting these instead of following Hansoo, a few of their friends stay and hunt these rather than go further down.

Drops: colorless runes. Ekrool Troll Tribe's Essence

Land Mermaid Edit

These "mermaids" are a (Upper) Half-man (lower) Half-grub worm that drag their bodies across the floor leaving behind a mucus trail. The upper body has powerful arms used to drag its body, while the lower half contained a paralyzing poison. Despite its slow moving body, due to its weight, these creatures are considered quite dangerous.

Hansoo deals with these mobs by using combination of poison that he placed on his weapon as well as Molotov cocktails. He also collects the paralyzing poison sacks from their lower body to use in clearing the rest of the tutorial later.

Drops: colorless runes, Paralyzing poison sack

Abilities: Paralyzing poison shot

Rune Eater Snake Edit

It is a mini-boss monster found on the first floating island of Sky Road in the Tutorial. The adult version lives in a tree and eats runes. The baby version eats 3 stat runes of any type and converts them into 2 stat runes of your choice.

Kang Hansoo uses the baby Rune Eater Snake to convert his extra strength and stamina runes to the other 6 basic statsin order to raise them equally.

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