The following is a list of monsters that appear in the Blue Zone.

Nelkipa Edit

A giant moon-size stingray-shape living weapon.

Melchizedek Edit

The Machine King and owner of the Blue Zone.

AR-1121 Edit

10m tank-like robots. They're coded to collect intel throughout the entire research center, but once attacked, they would gather in order to destroy or capture their foes.

MR-4112 Edit

10m mechanical spider. There are weapons on the machine's eight legs that can shoot out beams. It can act as a transport by opening up its stomach so others can enter.

Cyborgs Edit

Artificial transcendents created in the Main Research Center. They are created by merging both human and machine. Strange machine parts exists between the bits of organic matter. The cyborgs are armed with a translucent hexagonal shield and powered with nanobots which strengthen its every movement and skill. They are stronger than normal transcendents because of their strange skills and advanced technology. They are at least several times stronger than those on the brink of being a 1-Star. Its spines holds a strange mechanism that activates a form of gravitational pull on others. They are equipped with a coating that lets them ignore beams that are powerful enough to melt even 2-Star transcendents.

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