The following is a list of monsters that appear in the Orange Zone.

Gragos Edit

Gigantic beasts that are as big as a small country. They reside in the Orange Zone and act as land to live on. They maintain their body temperature by submerging their body within the sea of lava and supplied its body with energy by drinking the lava. The Gragos is a creature which supplied land and food to other creatures in the Orange Zone. The only thing that can threaten a Gragos is another Gragos. When a Gragos fights another Gragos, they would roll around the lava and fight aggressively. Creatures survive by drinking their body fluids. Margoths like to drink the body fluids of the Gragos until the Gragos decides to roll into the lava sea.

Margoth Edit

Giant dinosaur-shaped predators that roamed around the Orange Zone on top of the Gragos while feasting on the Gragos' body fluids.. They span multiple kilometers in length and can smash trees beneath its feet as it walks. The Margoth's mouth is the entrance of the Orange Zone. Light shines from their horns when Red Zone adventurers arrive. When this happens, they either puke or chew down adventurers. Those who are able to kill a Margoth one on one are considered Margoth-level.

Baladi Edit

One of the parasites that roamed around the Ant Tunnels and sucked up the body fluids the Gragos in the Orange Zone. If the Margoths roamed above the skin, the Baladis existed under the skin. They freely roam the tunnels and enjoy ambushing adventurers. They are an indicator of strength, above normal adventurers and below Margoth-levels. A Baladi-level is someone who can defeat the Baladi one on one. It is a title that only a few top percent of 6th year adventurers can achieve.

Akadus Edit

An extremely powerful unmmaned soldier created by Elkadion when she studied the Soul Telautograph. It is controlled by the Crown of Thorns. It is very similar to the Tiradus that had caused a massacre against the humans in the past. Though it is small and silver-colored, it is basically a 3m weaker version of the Tiradus. There is a gold variation of the Akadus which are stronger than the silver version. It takes 3 gold Akadus to take on a Tiradus. They are produced in the Arklateori, a factory on the white lion Gragos, Lazar. When Elkadion left, the factory didn't stop producing the Akadus. The Akadus are set to attack any lifeforms who approach the factory in order to protect the Crown of Thorns from landing into the wrong hands.

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