The following is a list of monsters that appear in the Red Zone.

Five Calamities Edit

The Five Calamities were the result of genetic modification of demonic creatures conducted by the Elvenheim and designed to harm the World Tree. The Five Calamities are basically like natural disasters for those who crossed the Red Zone. It was not something designed to be killed but rather dodged or endured. The Calamities are fueled by the Divine Stone Fragments which is located in its heart. The Calamities do not have a good relationship with each other and do not go to each other's territory because they are cautious of each other.

Cursed Survivors Edit

Monsters that inhabit the Toxic Sea of the Red Zone. They blocked the path that lead to the roots of the World Tree. These guys can't come out of the water due to receiving a curse from the toxic waters. If they can't hunt for people above the sea then they can just destroy their ships and pull them down. Once the people sunk they would wait for the bodies to get marinated by the toxic waste and then consume them once they get soggy enough.

Gertas Edit

Raptor-shaped beasts who lived in herds on the Middle Root of the World Tree. It greatly cares for its young to the point where the whole herd will chase them down to the ends of hell to avenge the dead.

Kukulja Edit

A giant weird looking fish which had the head of a bull and a human’s arms and legs.

Black cow Edit

A gigantic cow of 15 meters that could be found in the deep parts of the dungeon around the Base Root. They usually appear as mini bosses in the base root dungeon.

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