The following is a list of monsters that appear in the Yellow Zone.

Kangri Worm Edit

A giant larvae that lived in the depths of the great jungle while gobbling up the soil. At the same time its interior is the entrance to the Yellow Zone that the humans came through. It is over 6m long. The higher races don't like the smell of the Kangri worm so they stay away from its territory.

Triple Fusion Beast Edit

A beast that had been hurriedly created by the Sages in order to deal with the Higher Races who had betrayed them. As the name implies, it is a fusion of 3 of the 4 higher races. It has the body of a wolf, the wings of a bird, the head of a mouse and is over 30 meters tall. It doesn't just has physical features of them but the skills as well, for instance the laser beam of the Rebeloongs or the 6th sense of the Arucons. However it is only able to use one skill at a time. It has the ability to recognize the strength of its targets and was programmed to attack the weakest enemies first. They reside in the Underground Maze, the location of the final battle between the Sages and the Higher Races.

Erona Edit

"A 4m large beast which looked like a red lion and marked its territory by smashing trees down with its front leg. And unlike how it looked, it was a herbivore as it ignored other beasts and only ate the trees within its territory. If you don’t cross over to its territory then it wouldn’t do anything to you no matter what you do even if you were right in front of it. And the newbies often make the mistake. That it’s a timid beast.And in order to gain the egg of an Erona, which was said to be extremely precious and rare, they often cross over the clearly marked territorial line.Nobody knew what happened to them.Since none of them had come back to the village."

Okel Edit

A 4th rank 5m large double horned leopard that roams around the most dangerous area of the ceasefire village, Oasis. Has mucus layer underneath that skin. And the moment the weapon and mucus connects. The powerful poison gas created from the oxidation of the mucus which quickly paralyses the adventurer.

Kali-Crown Edit

A 3m large black leopard, which resides in the Yellow Zone. The leopard is almost immune against blades and skills, furthermore does it specialize in stealth.

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