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The Nerpas were once an advanced and powerful race who created the Blue Zone.

Appearance and Biology Edit

The Nerpas are 3 meter tall beings with blue skin and a powerful body. When powered by the light of the Crystal, bright blue energy surrounds their body.

Abilities and Technology Edit

The Nerpas are a very powerful race, a race that are countless times stronger than the humans of the planet Angkara, both in terms of strength and technology. Their body strength and hardness are over the level of a 2-Star Transcendents.

The Nerpas had technology that allowed them to once roam over the universe. They created the Nelkipa, a moon-sized warship which is powered by several crystals of tremendous energy. They, being the original owners of this giant weapon, are the one existence who have the authority to control Nelkipa.

They are also the original owners of the parasitic blue armor, Legacy.

Hierarchy Edit


Known Nerpas Edit


History and Fall Edit

Their history is unknown. They were annihilated despite their strength.

Nerpa-Human Relation Edit


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