The <Numbering Series> were the most outstanding artifacts and skills that the humans had found out and numbered.

Within the <Numbering Series> are unique artifacts called Growing Artifacts that can continue to absorb runes and change their runes to the next level, just like the adventurers in the Otherworld. The stronger these Growing Artifacts become, the larger the gap between these and other artifacts become. These Growing Artifacts are sometimes called <Draconic Series> because it grew like a dragon. These were the strongest artifacts that even surpassed artifacts on higher levels of color.


Humanity created a ranking for the 999 strongest skills and artifacts. This ranking puts the strongest as <Solo Numbering> from 1-9. The slightly less powerful are the <Double Numbering> from 10-99. The less powerful ranking are the <Triple Numbering> from 100-999. Other skills weaker than this were not ranked.

Skill and artifacts that are more powerful than the current solo numbering but have not yet been found by humanity are called <Zero Numbering>.

Zero Numbering Skills

Solo Numbering Skills

  1. Immortal Soul
  2. Transcendent Brilliance
  3. Elemental Outfit
  4. Steel Lord
  5. Seven Strands Spear
  6. Lord of the Dead

Double Numbering Skills


11. God’s Right Hand

Solo Numbering Artifacts

  1. God’s Destruction Maul
  2. Weapon Eater
  3. Nurmaha's Ring
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