A very powerful Solo Numbering artifact. Rank 9.

Also called the "Ring of the Vampire King Nurmaha", nicknamed "Absolute Ring."

Description Edit

The Solo Numbering 9 artifact. It was the strongest artifact that represented Clementine and became her symbol. It is obtained by killing the Carnivorous Beast in the altar within the Tutorial.

Clementine was the only one who was able to obtain this artifact due to being the only one to achieve the impossible achievement of killing the Carnivorous Beast during the first week in the Tutorial. In the first timeline, people flipped the Otherworld upside down to try to find this ring after seeing Clementine cause a massacre. Kang Hansoo was able to discover its location when he went back in time and became the 2nd person to kill the Carnivorous Beast.

Although it is ranked low in the Solo Numbering, it is considered more useful than the sixth rank Thousand Soldiers Armor, and even the unranked Solo Numbering Forked Lightning

Abilities Edit

Nurmaha's Ring is a Growing Artifact that has eight abilities, each unlocked after feeding it runes to the next color.

The currently known abilities are:

  • Power Destruction: Destroy skills and temporarily cancel traits for an appropriate amount of mana.
  • Hemorrhage: Wounds will stay open and bleed, preventing regeneration to a certain extent.
  • Sense Destruction: Strongly reduces the senses of the target and disorients them.
  • Life Steal: Absorbs the life of another to heal the user.
  • Physical Resistance Nullification: Nullifies the physical resistance which God had given to all creatures. Uses a massive amount of mana.
  • Magic Resistance Nullification : Nullifies the magic resistance which God had given to all creatures.
  • Mana Absorption: Absorbs the mana of the target for the owner.
  • Slow: Unlocked when the artifact runes are Violet.[1]

Multiple powers can be used simultaneously, but the amount of mana needed is prohibitive. The powers comes into effect when someone is scratched by an attack imbued with the power. Its abilities do not work well against insects. Vampiric Effects does not work on the Avatars/Players of Exodus in the Green Zone.

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