Seventh and final zone of the Otherworld after the Tutorial.

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Humans reached this zone after 21 years in the Otherworld. Upon reaching this zone, one has the strength of a 1-star Transcendent. It is here that the skills and artifacts obtained by adventurers gain their rankings in the Numbering series.

In the first timeline, everyone below the Violet Zone was killed when the Abyss descended.

It has the appearance of a large forest and can be best described as a Garden of Eden. Nine large Tree's exist here known as <Desire>, which have the power to create anything a person wants. However, there is a limit to the quantity it can produce, which causes infighting among the Humans for control of them. The essence that was stored within the Desire was combined with the wants and desires of humans, and how much of the essence of the tree was combined was dependent on each individual and his/her desire.

To put it simply, it didn’t cost much at all to create a cigarette. However, if one wished for a woman from that tree, it would consume a significant amount of essence to create. It cannot revive the dead, only create a puppet that looks like the deceased using someone else's memories of them, which are imperfect even for family as there is a limit to how much you can understand a person. The time that it took to replenish the essence was very slow, so it wasn’t able to satisfy everyone’s needs, leaving two options. Either everyone sufficiently moderates their wants with the trees and live peacefully or reduce the number of people that would use this tree. The essence can also be recharged more quickly by absorbing people.

These Tree's were named by Clementine, but the name is a misnomer. It is not called the Desire Tree since it fulfills desires, but because it stimulates desire and greed. This caused people who don't have one to fight for one, then for two and so on, with the purpose being to control them all. Taking it one step further, those with great desires and greed would sacrifice people to replenish its essence.

These nine trees are actually produced by a large tortoise like monster called Desire Return with tentacles coming out of the shell, that is filled with insatiable curiosity to know the desires of others. When all it's nine 'roots' are destroyed, it awakens and can absorb knowledge of the desires of those it eats.

Deep within the forest is a set of abandoned ruins made of white metal, full of hundreds of thousands of isolation rooms containing different races and species. Some rooms as small as 10m and some as long as several kilometers. Some species have escaped over time and populate the forest. The facility is resistant most attacks and impairs all sensory and movement skills.

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