A very powerful skill. It is not part of the Numbering Series but it is within the top 3000 skills out of the hundreds of thousands of skills that existed.

Description Edit

A big laser beam made out of five different colored smaller beams. The beams are comprised of five energies that are colored red, blue, yellow, black, and white. Its power is tremendous but it is very slow so it is easy to dodge. The five beams synergies and enhances each other. The skill eats up a ton of mana.

The sole method of disabling the Quintuple Beam is to stab the core part that connected these five beams and split them up then they could prevent the beams from entering their body as well as lowering the damage done by the beam. This was something others wouldn't be able to figure out or would have a hard time figuring out since stabbing such a powerful skill with one's own skill was something that was hard for a sane person.

Karhal uses the skill with a mastery level of almost 100%.

Abilities Edit

When one gets hit by the five different beams, the beams will drive into ones body and gnaw the insides. Like a parasite devouring the inside of a person. The skill is useful against giant beasts but was hard to use against humans. The beams can be condensed into the size in which a thin woman may barely be able to go through. The condensed version of the skill has a greater penetration ability.

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