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Welcome to the Reincarnator Wikia

Hello and welcome to the Reincarnator Wikia, the encyclopedia for the Korean novel, Reincarnator by ALLA. Feel free to contribute to our site. If you like to provide information, fix mistakes, or improve grammar, then edit a page responsibly.

Written by ALLA

Published by munpia (Raw)

Translations by Ekdud (former), Ares (current).

Translation Progress

Season 1 Translation - Reincarnator: The Savior [300/300 chapters]
100% complete.
Season 2 Translation - Reincarnator: Demon King's Tower [192/192 chapters]
100% complete.


A bored God suddenly decides to create a new world called the Abyss in order to solve his boredom. Humanity is forcibly sent into this world along with other races and creatures where they needed to kill, adapt, improve and struggle in order to just barely survive. Now, the final 100 remaining humans have all been killed and all their hopes have been handed over to Kang Hansoo. Kang Hansoo has received the chance to go back in time into the past along with the hopes and dreams of all of humanity. This is the story of Kang Hansoo and his path towards saving humanity.


Once upon a time existed a God who enjoyed watching creatures fight the most. Bored, the God created a new world to entertain himself. The Abyss. Fight and you’ll be rewarded. Do not and you shall perish. The God started to fill his new world, the Abyss, with many creatures.

The whole of mankind was sent to this brutal world 50 years ago and since then have fought relentlessly to survive. In the end, only 4 remained, and the entire human race is threatened with extinction. They had a choice to make; who among them would go back in time before it all started to save mankind from impending doom. And so, Kang Hansoo, one of the 4, is sent back 55 years in time, to the time when he first stepped foot into this world.

Now, Hansoo has 5 years left before the rest of the world is transported to this otherworld. This will also mark the time when humankind will once again be sent into the new world Abyss and be forced to fight against the other races and creatures inhabiting it…

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