Runes are dropped when monsters are defeated. Among the runes that can be dropped include stat runes, regeneration runes and skill runes. Runes can be kept on your wrist without consuming them. In this way, it can be traded to other people.

The baby Rune Eater Snake also provides a way of converting any 3 stat runes to 2 stat runes of your choice.

Stat Runes Edit

Stats are a method of measuring strength using a numbered system. They are ranked according to the colors of zones:

Basic > Colorless > Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Indigo > Violet

There are a large number of stats. But 8 are referred to as the 8 great stats:

  1. Strength - (Enhances power and speed)
  2. Stamina - (Enhances endurance and recovery speed)
  3. Agility - (Enhances reaction time)
  4. Perception - (Enhances the five senses)
  5. Magic - (Enhances a skill's power)
  6. Mana - (Enhances quantity of mana for skill usage)
  7. Physical Resistance - (Reduces damage of incoming physical attacks)
  8. Magical Resistance - (Reduces damage of incoming magical attacks)

There are a number of other runes that very rarely appear:

  • Sixth Sense - (Allows one to sense things others cannot)
  • Luck - (Increases drop rate of rare runes, skills, and items)
  • Charisma
  • Charm

The stats are increased by gaining runes from monsters. At the basic stage, the stats are listed from 0 to 99 with 10 being the average beginner stat for a human. Upon reaching 100, it will instead turn into 0.01% Colorless runes. This can be increased up to 99.99% and will afterwards upgrade to 0.01% Red runes. This will continue by stages until violet runes.

When a person becomes a Transcendent, the 8 runes breaks down and merges with one another. When this happens, the person's soul is forcibly sucked up to a higher place. The person can manipulate and use the eight different types of runes in any way they want. Those able to completely control the merge runes are many times stronger than those who can't.

Skill Runes Edit

Skill runes are runes that give the user magic abilities to use.

  • Skills are non-erasable when learned.
  • Skill runes can drop from killing either monsters or humans.
  • The strength of the skill changes according to its proficiency and rank.
  • The higher a person's magic stat is, the more potent the skill becomes.
  • High-rank skills require a tremendous amount of mana to fit their might.

Other Runes Edit

Other runes that can be found include:

  • Regeneration runes - a consumable that can accelerate regeneration for a while, helping to heal quickly.

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