A pouch used to hold food.

Description Edit

A reward that could only be gained on the first night of the Tutorial and only when you clear the mission while the Moon was up. To clear the mission, one has to cook up a beast and eat it within the 6 hours of the first night while the moon is up. There is an additional condition: One cannot share any food prepared during this time. It was only given to the one person who had eaten the most.

Most people will figure out their situation after the first night and then will zealously hunt for food. Beasts will naturally come into their views and naturally they will get their carcasses to cook them around the second day but a situation where one cooks the toxic beast within the first day to eat it was rare.

Abilities Edit

A pouch that hid the food away from the eyesight of the Moon, a moon that destroys food, and always kept the food inside fresh. The storage amount was five times the amount of food you eat within 6 hours. 1 person’s worth meant 5 people’s worth of space, 10 people’s worth of food eaten meant that you could store 50 people’s worth of food.

The pouch can be used to hold nonfood materials as well.

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