A very powerful Solo Numbering skill. Rank 5.

Description Edit

The 5th strongest skill known to humanity. It is a skill which Shin Taehee, a Dark Lord of Clementine, uses.

This skill is famous on its own but was made to be considered the Number 5 skill known to humanity due to Shin Taehee and Clementine's exploits.

Seven color light gathers from the surroundings into a person's hand or artifact. The beam then explodes out towards the enemy. The Seven Strands Spear was made of light so it had no weak points.

Abilities Edit

Seven Strands Spear is a skill that shoots out a beam of laser. A laser that was solely created for destruction. A destructive skill with the highest power. No other attack skill had a higher destructive force than the Seven Strands Spear. It is a finishing move that gathers a tremendous amount of mana to compress into seven beams of light to fire. Metiron, a Yellow Zone adventurer, struggled to control it even with the use of the Mana Jade.

Its attacks surpass the Rank 3 Solo Number skill, Elemental Outfit. When Kang Hansoo asks the Fairy for a higher version of the Seven Strands Spear, he was able to obtain the most destructive skill, the Zero Numbering skill Nine Dragons Spear.

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