The Dark Lord and Right Hand of Clementine.

Bio Edit

Shin Taehee, the right-hand to Clementine and vital part of her power. A beauty who has terrifying potential and monstrous skills, with a personality that enjoyed battles. She is blinded by Clementine's vision, skills, and potential, to the point that she'd be willing to offer up her own life.

She is currently with Eres, Keldian and Kangtae at the end of the Indigo Zone. They are just going up to the Violet Zone.

She has the trait <Fragments of Seven Souls> and controls 7 Dark Lords who are the strongest subordinates of Clementine (8 including herself). She knows strong skills that can then be shared with all 7 dark lords under her through the soul fragments.

She is known as Clementine'ss Storage Room. Clementine has passed on all the most valuable possessions he had acquired and given them to Taehee. Taehee has no special characteristics in combat, but she possesses all the skills that Clementine values.

Yellow Zone Edit

In the Yellow Zone, she lent Metiron her skills in order to defeat Hansoo. She ordered him to capture Hansoo alive.

Green Zone Edit

In the Green Zone, she took control of Jang Oh's body in order to defeat Hansoo. After fighting for a bit, she realized she couldn't beat him and decided to retreat.

Later on, she takes control of 'another' to fight against Hansoo. She asks him to join Clementine but was refused after Hansoo stated they should serve beneath him. After Hansoo suddenly attacked her, she leaves.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Trait Edit

Fragments of Seven Souls

Skills Edit

Shin Taehee knows numerous double and triple numbering skills and a few solo numberings. She even has a few zero numbering skills of infamous abyss inhabitants, skills that demon lords in the deepest parts of the Abyss have heard of once or twice, although these skills are inferior to Hansoo's skills.

  • Nargel's Watch - Skill of the Great Mage of the Abyss, Nargel. Speeds up the present by randomly slowing down a moment in the future.
  • Northern Goddess Kastia's Snowstorm -Skill of the Ice Queen, Hera. Freezes everything instantly as if it's the ice age.
  • Eternal Strike - Skill of an abyss warrior who was able to kill a demon earl. Slashes with a red Sun-like and blue Moon-like aura.
  • Elemental Outfit - Solo numbering 3
  • Steel Lord - Solo numbering 4
  • Seven Strands Spear - Solo numbering 5
  • God's Right Hand - Double numbering 11
  • Scarlet Hell - Double numbering 25
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