A Triple Numbering artifact. Rank 301.

Description Edit

A red and green beautifully intertwining bow.

An arrow shot out from this bow could not be dodged no matter what. Like a snake who searched for body heat in order to keep warm, the arrow aimed for the warmth of the heart and will fly towards that heart until the end.

It was owned by Marun, a Yellow Zone adventurer who stole it in his village's armory after causing a disaster which destroyed the 4th area of the village. He lost his middle finger to Ekidu after flipping her off. Marun was killed by an Arucon. The artifact switched hands until it was eventually taken by Karhal, an ally of Hansoo.

Abilities Edit

An arrow shot from the bow homes in on the heat of a person's heart. The bow has 3 types of arrows.

<Red Snake> is the fastest and strongest arrow of the three. The arrow has a vicious red aura.

There is also a blue aura arrow. The arrow can be applied with additional skills.

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