Sofia Vargera is a talented adventurer in the Red Zone.

 Bio Edit

Sofia was a member of the Final Brigade, the 100 strongest humans in the Abyss. She used to be a mentor for Kang Hansoo in the first timeline. She has a terrible personality.

She was one of the Seven Departed Souls in the Red Zone. She discovered the unnamed women in the Miyamoto's treasure vault and killed her in mercy. Within the vault were many objects that Miyamoto had considered the most dangerous and had hidden away separately. These artifacts and skills were able to raise Sofia, who was talented but late, all the way up to the Final Brigade. Many of the artifacts are growing artifacts.

She is friends with Camille Rowe and helped her find Hansoo with her Library trait. She helps Hansoo kill the Ouroboros but was taken control by Miyamoto's Fragments of Seven Souls to attack Hansoo. Hansoo saves her and together they went to kill the Wasp Legion. She manages to freeze Tekilon, the Elvenheim king, before he could self-destruct the flower barrier.

Sofia accompanies Hansoo to the Orange Zone. There she gets the Body Enhancement Surgery. She appears in the Yellow Zone after the Higher Races were defeated.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Traits Edit

  • Library - One of the super rare "omniscient" skills, helps the user obtain and process unknown amount of information and see a result translated in directions or recommendations for the current situation, due to the informative characteristic of the skill and it's rarity it's one of the strongest type of skills for humanity and the users of such skills are often extremely powerful and are sought by any Clan. The most common use of this skill is for danger prevention, escape and path finding.

Skills Edit

  • Lord of the Dead - Only in 1st timeline - Currently the skill is in possession of Sangjin. It allows the user to reanimate any living being killed by the user as a zombie during the night.
  • Monumental Air Path
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