An ancient Akaron technology used to summon the soul of one's choosing.

Description Edit

A 5m tall capsule-shaped machine. On the corner of it lies a small keypad that shows clear instructions on controlling the essence of the Gragos stored within.

The Soul Telautograph is an ancient technology created by the Akaron's ancestors. It was a device created not for war but to receive souls. A tremendous genius appeared long ago, one who surpassed Elkadion. The genius believed that sending away the soul of a valiant warrior was too regrettable so he created the Soul Telautograph to pull the souls of warriors who had left behind their bodies and put them into living bodies.

The experiment was a disaster that ended up summoning a Dekuroma, a lower-tier devil from the Abyss. The Dekuroma reconfigured the bodies of the Akarons they possessed and sprouted 8 wings. They killed 90% of the Akarons before the Akarons hurriedly made the Suppression Stones to defeat them. The Akarons sacrificed themselves to insert the stone into the bodies of the Dekuromas which caused the Dekuroma to lose their will but retained their primal senses thus becoming the Tiradus. The Tiradus returned to the Soul Telautograph and were given instructions from it to protect it.

The ancestors destroyed all the other Soul Telautographs that weren't guarded but they couldn't break the ones guarded by the Tiradus. They then decided to destroy all evidence and history so no one else who would want the machines would appear.

Mekido, the Great Patriarch of Akarons, was able to defeat a Tiradus using the Dragon Essence Blade. Elkadion studied the Tiradus and found the Soul Telautographs. She was able to use the priceless information within to create and perfect the Body Enhancement Surgery, something she could only dream and hypothesize. She also used the information to create the Crown of Thorns, the Akadus, and the factory which produces the Akadus.

While tampering with the device, Elkadion accidentally started it up. The device released toxins into the Gragos which paralyzed it and cause the Calamity of Death. Mekido destroyed the one Elkadion was studying in order to stop the Calamity of Death. He went after the other 2 Soul Telautographs on the white lion Gragos, Lazar and managed to kill 2 more Tiradus before succumbing to his injuries. Elkadion transported the 2 Soul Telautographs to the Akadus factory and the Holy Land.

Within the Soul Telautograph in the Akadus factory is the Crown of Thorns and Dragon Essence Blade.

Abilities Edit

There is only one thing this machine did. It pulls out the essence of the Gragos and sent it somewhere else. The machine had the ability to automatically analyze lifeforms with huge amounts of energy or highly important information. It can analyze the patterns and habits of the Gragos.

Starting up the machine releases the toxins within into the Gragos. The toxin is used to paralyze the Gragos to pull out the essence from it efficiently.

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