A very powerful Solo Numbering skill. Rank 4.

Description Edit

The 4th strongest skill known to humanity. It is a skill which Shin Taehee, a Dark Lord of Clementine, uses.

This skill is famous on its own but was made to be considered the Number 4 skill known to humanity due to Shin Taehee and Clementine's exploits.

A powerful crowd buff skill. When used, bronze-colored light explodes out from the user's body and spreads to the user's allies. It turns the user and allies into a a steel army.

Abilities Edit

Steel Lord gives the user and allies a powerful body, a troll's regenerative powers, and the agility and power of a beast. The person with this skill would basically become a lord who has an army of steel men. It uses a large amount of mana so if one has a tremendous amount of mana and a person's allies are strong then there was no other skill as good as this.

A person who has a limb cut off can connect it back. Bronze-color light will shine out from the area of injury as it heals it. If the Rank 2 Solo Number skill, Transcendent Brilliance, didn't exist, this would be the most powerful crowd buff skill that exists.

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