Blue Zone Edit

Chapter 338 - 385 Edit

Hansoo and Kiriel arrive in the Blue Zone. The Blue Zone is a moon fortress built on the back of creature, Nelkipa, it orbits the planet Angkara where the Indigo Zone is located. It is dominated by robots in a scientific and dystopian looking environment. Air escapes through the damaged shielding, a result of the clash between the levels boss, Melchizedek and Clementine's forces before Hansoo arrives.   

Hansoo wants the Dragon God armors and parasitic armor that are stored in the blue zone. He must get to the research Station, where Melchizedek is exprimenting. The blue zone is filled with robot factories and his minions. The main abyssal creatures are <Quirae>parasitic creatures which lay eggs in human women's bodies and consume them from the inside to be born. They then evolve using the traits or materials of the races they consume. Enbi Arin is held captive here, one of many transcendents who have been implanted with bionics and control chips. Hansoo is forced to defeat her which almost kills her. To rescue her, he and Kiriel gather enough crystals and forcibly raise her to a 3-star Transcendent. She eventually sacrifices herself suppressing a control node of Nelkipa from exploding so that adventurers from lower floors will still have somewhere to ascend to.  

Hansoo is able to defeat Melchizedek and gain the Demon's Gate from the fairy. In the meantime N-Aroel, a scientist (Technorat) from the planet Angkara who escapes with a fleet from Angkara turns out to be an alien and flies back to Angkara to seize the <Relics> and help revive his race.  

Goals achieved Edit

  1. Found previous companion and rescued her.
  2. Stopped Quirae from being teleported to the Indigo Zone.
  3. Kang Hansoo became a 3-Star Transcendent with the Immortal Soul
  4. Took control of two Outer Crystals.
  5. Defeated Melchizedek.
  6. Secured the blue zone for adventures to ascend to with Ekidu in charge.
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