Red Zone Edit

Chapter 51-70 Edit

Hansoo's goal is the revival of the World Tree, which will provide a large amount of nutrition to mankind and will allow them to grow their strength. He also wants to install a king to rule the zone who will train the humans and make things hard for them without killing them off. Therefore, he has to defeat the Five Calamities and the hidden King. By using alchemy, he defeats the first Calamity, Calamity Fish. From that, he received several artifacts including the sword of the Five Relics and a Divine Stone Fragment.

Chapter 71-81 Edit

The artifacts allow him to defeat the second calamity, Devouring and Vomiting Root. However, before dying, the Root creates a clone of its creator, Tekilon, the hidden King, who fights Hansoo but escapes quickly, leaving behind the Thousand Soldiers Armor and another Divine Stone Fragment.

Chapter 82-94 Edit

Using the artifacts that he gains, he defeats the other calamities as well, with the help of the Seven Departed Souls. The fairies reward Hansoo with the zero numbering skill <Pandemic Blade> for defeating the Five Calamities.

It turns out that the head of the Seven Departed Souls, Miyamoto, was controlling the seven using his trait, Fragments of Seven Souls. He had also hidden a large number of runes and artifacts for himself that were gifted by Eres, Keldian and Kangtae. Hansoo tells Sangjin where the Runes and artifacts are hidden and Sangjin gets them for himself. In the process, Sangjin also obtains the solo numbering skill <Lord of the Dead>.

The hidden king of the Elvenheims, Tekilon, is found to be a soul who possessed an Elvenheim, and is from a race called the Akarons, who live in the next zone. He intended to come and eliminate the Elvenheims to make a land for the Akarons to thrive. Unfortunately, the portal he created to his world would only work one way and could not bring the Akarons over. Hansoo promised to help his race and so Tekilon agreed to help Hansoo and come with him.

The clone, Alpha, was left as the king of the Red Zone and with a Fragment of Hansoo's soul that allowed Hansoo to control him. He was left with instructions to raise the humans to become strong without destroying them, and to later create an army loyal to Hansoo.

Goals achieved Edit

  1. He defeated the 5 calamities, collected the Five Relics, collected the five Divine Stone Fragments, and revived the World Tree. This will reduce the number of humans dying needlessly.
  2. He created the <Barracks> in the Red Zone where the humans are safe but trained to become strong soldiers.
  3. He gains his second skill <Pandemic Blade>
  4. He obtains the Elvenheim king's armor, <Thousand Soldiers Armor>
  5. He obtains the Elvenheim king's trident, <Forked Lightning>
  6. Time spent: 1 month
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