Kang Hansoo does not have a wife/lover/sperm dump because he becomes THE GOD. (Hope thats not spoiler by now).

Kang Hansoo has weak skills in his 2nd Life? Bruh, they are all Transcendant Seeds (A seed is capable of strength beyond the laws of the world). Each of his skills are Seeds, how are they weak? His 7 Stars Trait is also a transcendant skill. So each of his skills are like Trancendant^2 And I beileve he can combine them later on so its like (Transcendant^2)^7.

I believe Hansoo Spirit has the ability to absorb all types of energy to 'cultivate' basically like Rinnegan, and he can use the energy to protect him from enivormental debuffs like Skill 3 Elemental Outfit. We don't see much of hime using each World's Legacy's often so its vague as to the true capablilties of each one. *shrugs*

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