Tekilon, known to the Elvenheim as Aruntelheim or The Fallen One, was the Last King of Elvenheim.


Tekilon was one of the 13 Akaron souls that were sent out to find a solution for the Akaron race dying out. He was transported into the body of the Elvenheim baby prince and grew up to become the Last King of Elvenheim. He placed a mission on himself make the Red Zone habitable for Akarons living in the Orange Zone due to the Gragos becoming cursed by the Calamity of Death.

He was the creator of the Five Calamities in Red Zone. After he found out that his actions were fruitless, he resided in the Flower of World Tree while doing nothing.

A clone of him was made when Hansoo was in the Devouring and Vomiting Root. He lends the clone the Forked Lightning to stop Kang Hansoo. When Kang Hansoo reached him and the clone, Tekilon was about to self-destruct the Flower but was stopped by Sofia.

Tekilon's clone, Alpha, was given part of Hansoo's soul, thus becoming 1 of the 7 Kings.

Tekilon goes to the Orange Zone with Hansoo and helps him interact with the Akarons. He is the 11th successor to the Kalu tribe and his full name is Tekilon Ah Kalu. He manages to convince Ailen, an Akaron child, to lead them to the Akaron's hideout. He gains the Body Enhancement Surgery along with Hansoo and Sofia.

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