A clone of Tekilon, the Last King of the Elvenheim.

Bio Edit

The clone was made by the Devouring and Vomiting Root using Tekilon's DNA in the Plant to defend against Hansoo. His personality is different from original, since he's young and inexperienced. His fiery wish to save his race is what drives him in life.

He gains the Thousand Soldiers Armor from the Devouring and Vomiting Root and tries to fight Hansoo. However, he abandons it to Kang Hansoo in order to get away from him. After that, he ordered Ouroboros to fight the humans and stall Hansoo. He meets his original at the top of the World Tree and gains access to the Forked Lightning which he uses to once again fight Hansoo.

After being defeated by Hansoo he receives a fragment of Hansoo's soul from his Fragments of Seven Souls trait and is appointed as the King of the Red Zone under Hansoo. He is tasked with releasing hoards of monsters from the plant to train the humans, enough so they don't die but enough to keep them from peace. His original goes with Hansoo to the Orange Zone.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Alpha has very fine mana control, to the point of not needing to use one of the Five Relics to control a Divine Stone Fragment. He is able to order countless miniature marbles of the Five Relics effortlessly while Hansoo gets a headache giving them a simple retrieving order.

Alpha is able to use the marbles to attack because his cells were made of a very special person.

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